Hansmann electronic GmbH
& Co. KG
e l e c t r o n i c   b a l l a s t s

Development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic ballasts for discharge-lamps

Hansmann electronic GmbH & Co. KG developes, manufactures and distributes electronic ballasts and ignitors for gas-discharge lamps.
Our range includes both off-the-shelf and customized ballasts


Electronic ballasts and ignitors, off-the-shelf products and custom designs


Xenon, MHD, HID, Medium-Pressure UV, Excimer, ...


Medical, Science & Research, Water treatment, Marine Searchlights, Event lighting, ...


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Frank Hansmann

Frank Hansmann 

Founder of Hansmann electronic GmbH

From a German small town into the world.

On 1 April 1987, Frank Hansmann officially founded the company Hansmann electronic GmbH at age 33 as what would today be considered a genuine „start-up“. New employees added to the team and helped the young company grow to a successful business. Hansmann electronic achieved its global breakthrough with international clients in 1993 thanks to a globally growing market for electronic ballasts at the time.

A key event and cornerstone in the history of the company-to-be was a beginning freelance cooperation with the Osram Group in 1982, which led to an ongoing close cooperation between both companies decades to come.

Before entering the global market, though, one of Hansmann’s inventions helped turn the bottle industry upside down by speeding up the process of the so-called „bottle inspection“ of all kinds of empties. A huge success for the young business. 

In 2001, Hansmann electronic GmbH moved to new and now current business premises within the town of Barsinghausen, Lower Saxony, in Northern Germany.

The engineer, entrepreneur and creative mind kept developing projects and ideas stirring up the world of electronic ballasts. Over time, Hansmann electronic GmbH has established on the European, American and Asian market as a fixed value and is appreciated as a reliable business partner across the world. For any upcoming projects the engineer made sure to keep the focus not only on economical interests: the projects’ added value and meaningfulness have always been of relevance, too. 

The portfolio of the company comprises projects for elimination of  germ contamination through ultraviolet C (UVC) irradiation, development of ballasts for the medical sector (e.g. in surgery), the marine sector (equipment of marine searchlights), the equipment of crash test facility lighting, equipment of television studio and film set lighting around the world, as well as works in the name of science (e.g. the equipment of a submarine boat lighting system for the Rebikoff-Niggeler foundation, Azores). 

For over three decades, Frank Hansmann passionately and successfully led the company together with his team of employees until his early decease in 2021. Hansmann electronic GmbH & Co. KG is now continued by talented and ambitious successor, CEO Leon M. Fauth, together with a committed team and true to the ideals of the company's founder.